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Wahoo Phantom13 Review

Happy 2012 – And a Wahoo Powerboats Review and Testimonial

Yes – somewhat tardy – and a few days late but better late than never I suppose!

We thought we would start the year off right by demonstrating what is most important to us at WPB – and that is customer satisfaction.

Over the holidays we received a letter from a customer who had purchased a boat from our Orlando Distributor Tim Cates.  This customer gave both Tim and Wahoo Powerboats a great review.  We asked permission and they said it was OK for us to feature it so here it is. It is letters like this that make our day at Wahoo Powerboats!



Wahoo Powerboats Review

Good Afternoon :

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me last week.  By this time, I have owned my Wahoo Powerboats (WPB) Phantom-13 for approximately one month.  As I have built a winning custom ‘hot rod’ show boat  myself,  I carefully inspected every inch of my Phantom-13 inside and out and am impressed.  It is neat, clean, and well-built, the finish work is thorough, and the hull presents clean, beautiful lines.

For this reason, I have had a great time inspecting, customizing, and generally getting my Phantom-13 ready for launch.  This past month’s project, for example, was to re-design and custom fit the trailer to the boat, upgrade the tires and rims, add a set of bunks, and paint and powder coat all trailer brackets, fixtures and accessories to match the trailer.  The trailer is now finished and  looks terrific.

Now that the trailer is done, I was able to deliver my boat to the trimmer today for a two-tone custom boat cover and matching spare tire cover.  Next week, my outboard dealer will rig my engine and install my control box and instrumentation.  The following week, I will test custom Power tech props in order to have the boat finished and ready to ride by mid or late January.

Although I am entirely satisfied with the boat, I would also like to commend WPB for two intangibles which do not appear in your sales brochure:  Customer service and goodwill.  To be specific, I would like to compliment your Authorized Agent, Mr. Timothy Cates of Orlando, FL.

As you may know, my purchasing experience was deliberate, careful, and rather meticulous in light of the multiplicity of questions and specifications I had on behalf of my order.  In every instance, Mr. Cates was helpful, cordial, forthcoming and responsive.  When I finally agreed to purchase an Phantom-13,  Mr. Cates’ business documentation was impeccable and timely.

All in all, Mr. Cates provided outstanding oversight of my transaction from the ‘showroom’, to sale, to shipping, to delivery.  All the paperwork arrived in order and on time and Mr. Cates followed up with several calls to ensure that I was completely satisfied with both the boat and the paperwork.  He was exceptionally helpful and patient, answered all my questions, and promptly returned every single phone call and e-mail.

As I mentioned, goodwill and excellent customer service are two of the most important intangibles of any business. WPB exemplified both quite flawlessly thanks to Mr. Cates hard work, perseverance,  and attention to detail.  As a result, it was a sincere pleasure to buy my boat and I will recommend WPB to my friends and any other curious inquiries.

Since my purchase, Mr. Cates and I have become friends and  discussed campaigning my boat at a few  FL boat shows.  Given your beautiful boat, I am confident I will win.  In the meantime, please extend my thanks to Mr. Cates, and keep up the good work.  Thank you again, happy new Year,  and see you on the water!
With kind regards, I remain.

Cordially yours,

Robert A. Hendrickson, Owner
WPB Phantom-13 “All Out”
Gainesville, FL


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